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A Decade of Dental Excellence: Celebrating 13 Years of Westmead Dental Academy's Legacy in ADC

A Decade of Dental Excellence: Celebrating 13 Years of Westmead Dental Academy's Legacy in ADC Education

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In the past decade the halls of Westmead have seen thousands of successful ADC Aspirants, wonderful tutours and unforgettable experiences. This has also provided the academy a moment to reflect on the tremendous progress made towards making Dental Education easy and accessible under the guidance of Dr. Bedo. Westmead was founded the academy with a singular mission: to redefine dental education by merging cutting-edge techniques with a commitment to compassionate patient care.

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Dr. Adam Bedo

In the ever-evolving and demanding dental landscape of Australia, staying at the forefront of advancements is crucial. The Academy has proven to be a beacon of innovation, offering a curriculum that integrates traditional principles with the latest technologies - offering the most up to date guidance, scenarios and notes. This approach ensures that students not only concrete their knowledge of the fundamentals of dentistry but also emerge as professionals equipped to navigate the dynamic challenges of the field.

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Dr. Adam Bedo

In our continued commitment to making the ADC journey accessible and easy, Westmead offers both and Online and On-Site Courses (at our Melbourne & Sydney Campuses). Dr. Adam has ensured that he inculcates those same principles in Westmead Family which have allowed him success as an Australian Registered Dentist.

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Alongside Dr. Adam is Westmead’s very own team of incredible and dedicated tutours who’ve achieved their Australian Dental Dreams and want to share the same secrets that got them their merit.

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Dr. Adam Bedo

Again, as Dr. Adam has said time and time again “the journey has just begun” and we’re eager to hear from all of you.

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Dr. Adam Bedo

Benefit from Westmead’s wonderful tutours, alumni network and incredible education now